Can people stop complaining about Luhan not deserving to be the most popular? Yes,he’s not the best singer or the best dancer in the group,but he’s more than decent in both. And using that he’s ‘not attractive’ as an argument,lol. Beauty is in the eye of beholder okay? Except for teasing Tao for his skin tone which probably more than half of exo has done(publicly or not),Luhan really hasn’t done anything wrong. You can tell how much he cares about each of the members and how hardworking he is.

Mudhan is a shitty singer, average dancer and you will deal.

cute “E.T. phone home” suchen moment during 좋아좋아

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best friend:
first kiss:
walks you home:
lab partner:
asks you to prom:
seat mate:
secret admirer:
creepy stalker:
teases you:

best friend: Kai
first kiss: Chen
walks you home: Kai
lab partner: Luhan…
asks you to prom: SUHO (!!!)
seat mate: Sehun
secret admirer: D.O
creepy stalker: Luhan…
teases you: Xiumin…

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I honestly find Luhan unattractive, he’s not the best in singing and dancing either but EXO stans still say he’s so perfect. Bullshit. Wake up, people. Xiumin is way more handsome and Lay is more talented than him.

The only lie is “Xiumin is way more handsome”. Other than that, I agree.

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23-28/  jongdae gifs - jongdae getting teased after the mc suggestively asks if he would stay the night with his girlfriend ¬‿¬

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